Your Anti-Aging Experts in Non-Surgical Beauty Treatments and Products

Le Caprice Stands Apart as a Spa and Skin Rejuvenation Company

We offer the finest anti-aging skin care products combined with the latest non-surgical treatments in a boutique client-centered health day spa environment.

Our promise to our clients is to provide them with the highest quality of carefully researched anti-aging products and skin care, along with advanced non-surgical, state-of-the-art skin treatments.

At Le Caprice, our dedicated team of skilled practitioners ensures personalized experiences, tailoring each treatment to individual needs. Our commitment extends beyond beauty – we prioritize well-being, offering holistic approaches that rejuvenate not just the skin but also the spirit. With a passion for innovation, we stay at the forefront of the industry, continuously introducing cutting-edge technologies. Discover the epitome of ageless beauty at Le Caprice, where excellence meets tranquility in every rejuvenating session. Embrace the future of non-surgical beauty with us, your trusted partners in timeless allure. 

Le Caprice has always been on a mission to help everyone look and feel their best and are not afraid to push the boundaries in the latest skin care research.

Le Caprice stands apart as a spa and skin rejuvenation company because we are a hybrid between being an aesthetic medical spa and a more limited-service day spa.

At Le Caprice, we’re dedicated to advancing skin care beyond conventional boundaries. Our unique identity blends the precision of an aesthetic medical spa with the warmth of a limited-service day spa, creating an unparalleled fusion. Gone are the days of rigid categorizations; we’ve pioneered a holistic approach that harmonizes rejuvenating products with cutting-edge technologies. Breaking free from the limitations of traditional spas, we bring you a tailored, personal touch. Join us in the evolution of spa experiences, where innovation meets indulgence, and your skin’s unique needs take center stage in our revolutionary journey.

Traditionally, there were expensive doctor-run med spas, light-service or massage day spas, and individual practicing aestheticians. However, your delicate skin needs a more customized, personal approach that combines both skin rejuvenation products with the latest technologies to create the revolutionary spa experience.


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