Skin Analysis

What is a Skin Analysis Treatment?

Skin analysis is the process of identifying a client’s skin type, advantages and flaws, so you can recommend the best treatments. You will take a medical history, understand what the client is doing for their current skin regimen and identify goals to improve their skin.

How does Skin Analysis work?

At Le Caprice in Walnut Creek, CA, we use the IMAGE PRO Skin Analyzer is a tool that brings skin analysis treatment and technology together in one machine.

With just one scan, the skin analyzer will quantify and qualitatively analyze the number of pigmentations, density of pigmentation, number of pores, number of wrinkles, as well as, the different degrees of damage to the skin caused by UV rays and sunlight – to make an accurate diagnosis and analysis.

The Image Pro 3D takes multiple images of the face simultaneously, these amazing cameras not only capture the face in microscopic detail, but they also reveal wear and damage done to the face that could never be seen with the naked human eye.

Once we perform the initial 20-second scan, we will receive the skin analysis report which will give our team a better idea of what’s going on under the surface and tell us how to better treat your skin.

Based on the analysis, we will be able to recommend the best skin care plan, completely customized to your skin and the issues you wish to remedy.

Why should you get a skin analysis?

Skin analysis gives our team a better scope of what is going on with your skin. This allows us to better recommend products that will be best for your skin. It helps us get a better understanding of your skin issues. Resulting in a more effective skincare plan.

You can still book an appointment without our skin analysis but skin analysis is recommended so that we can provide better skincare.

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